The in drinking due to the imposed prohibition was necessary to

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moncler coats outlet Two people were injured in the incident. The command quickly introduced full alcohol ban for all Navy personnel stationed in Japan, prohibiting consumption of alcohol on and off base.temporary restriction on alcohol was not intended to be a punishment, nor was it ever intended to be permanent, quoted Rear Admiral Matthew Carter, commander of the US Navy in Japan, as saying in a statement, explaining the quick lifting of the ban.The in drinking due to the imposed prohibition was necessary to the personnel and make the sailors on the dangers of alcohol abuse, Carter said.The drunk driving episode came as US Japan relations have already been soured by murder and rape allegations against US citizens employed at American military facilities in Okinawa. In one case, an American employed at a military base was arrested on suspicion of murdering a 20 year old local woman and in another one a marine pleaded guilty to raping a female tourist from Japan mainland.Sailors are now cheap moncler jackets allowed to drink alcohol on US bases and in private residences outside, yet visiting bars outside the gates of US bases is still prohibited for them.must all be on the lookout to step in before alcohol related incidents jeopardize our relationship with Japan, Carter added.The announcement comes as demonstration against the US military presence on Okinawa is being planned for Sunday in the capital, Naha moncler coats outlet.