He doesn't seem to realize his tail is canada goose factory

//He doesn't seem to realize his tail is canada goose factory

He doesn't seem to realize his tail is canada goose factory

My cat bites his own tail

He's a male neutered DSH around 2.5 years canada goose uk outlet old. He's (knock on wood) canada goose been healthy and seems fine other than this. He doesn't seem to realize his tail is canada goose factory outlet attached to him and chases it. He acts as if it's threatening him. I have found trails of canada goose outlet toronto factory blood on the floor and a scab on the very tip of his tail (about 1 cm in length). It does not look infected. Today when I came home he canada goose outlet online uk was actively bleeding so I canada goose outlet online put styptic powder on the wound to heal it. He's sleeping now and not acting strangely (well, more strangely than usual).

We do canada goose outlet uk sale have another cat (and 2 dogs) in the household but I am sure official canada goose outlet they are not doing this to him. The cats do play fight but bite each other on the neck, not the tails. The dogs ignore the cats.

Could you distract the tail biter with extra fun toys? I like canada goose outlet in usa to keep some toy mice (the furry kind with feather tails) in a jar of catnip and swap them out every day. I rub the catnip into them so it gets stuck in their canada goose outlet sale fur and the cat takes forever to lick it all out. Also, take a handful of cat treats and hide them all over the place (maybe higher up so the dogs don't eat them). On windowsills, dressers, desk, etc, like a cat Canada Goose Parka treat safari.

Finally, get a cat dancer, teach the cat to love Canada Goose Outlet it, Canada Goose sale then tie a little crinkly ribbon and maybe a jingle bell to one end and leave it on the floor. My cat picks up the cardboard end https://www.baertakreation.de and then uk canada goose turns to chase the ribbon end like chasing her own tail, but the bright bit of crinkly ribbon catches her attention and she chases that.

Maybe you can distract the tail biter enough that he'll forget to bite himself.

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My guy had mites and he was tearing out chunks of fur on his side (oddly, my other two cats had no such problems). Application of an antiparasitic (Revolution) cleared it up in a couple of canada goose outlet canada days.

One way or another, definitely worth a vet visit.

Necessary? No. Welcome? Most definitely.

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I also recommend the canada goose clearance sale cat dancer (I own 3). My last cat, after a lifetime of giving his tail no notice at all, started to attack cheap canada goose it when he was around 13 years old. He'd had several impacts with automobiles when younger, and this resulted in arthritis (which was offered as an explanation).

He would yell at his tail, because it would bother him (after he'd attacked it), and it would ramp up in seriousness. canada goose outlet new york city BITE >YELL >REVENGE BITE >LOUD YOWL, etc.

My vet said it was a nervous condition, that may not even be solved by removing canada goose store the tail altogether. The bandage she put on it made him more aware of it, and more crazy, but his soon responded to a regimen of some chinese herbal nerve tonic and acupuncture.